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The Y offers basketball programs for young playmakers and ball sharers in Loveland.

The YMCA of Northern Colorado is excited to grow youth basketball programs in Larimer County. The Y has been teaching children throughout the country to play basketball for more than a century. Yes, a century! We are experts (if you don’t mind us bragging), and we are so excited to share Y sports and the Y sports philosophy in Loveland and beyond.

Especially basketball.

Through YMCA Basketball leagues, clinics, learn to play programs and scrimmage programs, our staff and volunteer coaches teach young basketball players (and soon-to-be basketball players) fundamental skills, the importance of fair play and hard work, and how to win graciously and lose gracefully. Y Sports provide a welcoming, friendly, fun atmosphere where children benefit from the developmentally appropriate progression of our basketball programs.

Join us for the upcoming see and discover the Y Sports community.

YMCA Basketball programs are also available in Weld and Boulder counties.

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The YMCA has been offering basketball programs throughout Boulder County for decades, and we are continuing to develop our programs in Weld and Larimer counties as we expand north.

And it’s not just sports that we are bringing to northern Colorado. It’s also the Y Way to Play. The Y Way to Play is our sports philosophy, guiding everything from coach training to parent interactions to referring. We believe youth sports can have a lifelong impact on our players, so we work to foster sportsmanship and create community while offering programs that focus on progressive competition and skill development for all. 

And then there’s fun. 

We believe the key to getting kids passionate about sports and staying active is making the experience both fun and foundational. There will be games. There will be high fives. There will be giggles. 


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