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Swap your sneakers for skates and cool down your workout on the ice. Our ice fitness classes offer athletes a strength and cardio workout that also improves skating skill.

Skate Conditioning

Skate Conditioning at the Carlston Ice Arena at the Lafayette Y focuses on building skating skills, endurance, speed, and power for both hockey players and figure skaters. The class focuses on edges, quick turns, power pulls, lunges, squats, crossovers, and forward and backwards drills. It’s a great workout and a perfect way to improve your skating whether you are new to the sport or a veteran. Please note skaters must be capable of stopping and is recommended that skaters can skate backwards. Ages 13+.

Check the Facility Schedule under ‘Carlston Ice Arena’ for class days and times.


Figure Skating Clinics

Improve your figure skating skills on and off the ice during our Figure Skating Clinic! Throughout the year we offer half-day intensives, focusing on jumps, spins, edges, artistry, power skating, and off-ice conditioning. Clinics are available for youth and adult skaters. Your own skates are required and skaters must have passed or be currently enrolled in Basic Skills 5/6 or Adult 5/6 for participation.

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Edge Precision and Power Class

Edges build the foundation for skating and are important for both hockey players and figure skaters alike. This clinic helps participants of all skating backgrounds become precise and well-rounded skaters through exercises and drills focused on generating power and speed from their edges. Instructors are well-versed on hockey and figure skates to offer perspective and coaching on both styles of skating. Participants must be confident on the ice and have mastered the basics of skating. Rental skates are not provided, you must bring your own. Open to all ages, however participants under age 12 must have a guardian present in the facility. No reservation required; drop-ins welcome! 

Check the Facility Schedule under ‘Carlston Ice Arena’ for class days and times."


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