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Johnstown Milliken Rotary Club

Join the YMCA of Northern Colorado and the Johnstown-Milliken Rotary Club in celebrating values vital to the future of our communities.

The Johnstown-Milliken Rotary Club and the Johnstown Y are hosting the Teen Character Awards Banquet on March 16, 2023 to honor teens who have demonstrated good character skills in our two communities. Teens will be nominated this fall and winter for consideration of their background of service to others, honesty, caring, kindness, respect, and inclusion. This prestigious award will be presented by the Rotary Club of Johnstown/Milliken and the YMCA of Northern Colorado. To conduct this meaningful recognition program for the youth in our communities, please consider becoming a sponsor! We are a community that believes, “Youth are the footsteps of the future.”

Please fill out the online form to nominate a young person. Nominations are due by December 12, 2022.



Support your community by being a sponsor of this event.


Photos from our 2023 Teen Character Awards

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